Kenya offers a wide range of unique wildlife, landscapes, cultures and climate ideal for a memorable and exceptionally romantic wedding and honeymoon. It is a unique opportunity to have a classic wedding in a unique setting, from food to wine and dance, besides the romance of exchanging your vows in full view of grazing wildlife and dancing Maasai warriors or on a beautiful white sandy beach on the Kenyan coast.

<a href="">Amani Tiwi Beach Resort</a>
<a href="">Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort</a>
<a href="">Pinewood Village Beach Resort</a>
<a href="">Leopard Beach Resort & Spa</a>
<a href="">Fairmont</a>
<a href="">Kipungani</a>
<a href="">Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge</a>
<a href="">Sarova Shaba Game Lodge</a>
<a href="">Sarova Mara Camp</a>
<a href="">Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge</a>
<a href="">Samburu Intrepids</a>
<a href="">Mara Intrepids</a>
<a href="">Mara Explorer</a>