Ready, set, wed! Find the perfect luxury destination for your dream wedding

A successful life is not measured by the milestones achieved, but by the memories created. An important milestone in everyone’s life is their wedding day. This day marks not just the spiritual union of two souls, but also the coming together of family and friends. It is a celebration of happy endings and new beginnings. 

The uncertainty of the past couple of years has led to deep introspection, and to the realisation of how important family and close friendships are. For these are the bonds that stand by you unwaveringly in times of strife. Weddings, of late, have become intimate and more personal. A small group of guests, who mean the world to the couple, at a beautiful holiday destination is fast becoming the norm. From star-lit royal venues to tropical beach settings, couples are venturing out of their comfort zone to make their special day one for the books. If you're in the midst of planning for your special day or wish to one day plan your own bespoke wedding, here are some popular social-media-worthy destinations that
are sure to be a hit with your loved ones.

Give your wedding the royal touch in Udaipur, Rajasthan

This city is the perfect setting for a fairytale wedding. If you are manifesting your special day in a candle-lit lakeside fort or a majestic palace surrounded by water, much like the kings and queens of yore, this is the destination you need to choose. This luxury experience comes with a price tag that is well worth your time and effort. What’s more, your guests can also enjoy and learn about Udaipur’s rich history and culture and experience it all firsthand.


Get married like a movie star in Lake Como, Italy

This glamorous destination, made popular by Hollywood superstar George Clooney—who also owns a home there—is increasingly becoming a favourite venue for the rich and famous. There are several luxury properties and hotels to choose from that overlook the lake, where you can host all your functions and provide accommodation for all your guests. This destination provides an intimate setting for church, villa and waterfront weddings.


Dive into married life in sunny Mauritius

There is nothing more romantic than a sunset wedding by the beach in Mauritius. The crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches provide the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. Adventurous couples can also consider exchanging vows on a catamaran cruise or even underwater in a submarine! For those who want to keep their special day very intimate, consider booking one of the many private islands just off the coast of Mauritius.


Exchange vows amidst Kenya’s exotic wilderness

Get hitched amidst grazing wildlife and dancing Maasai warriors. Kenya’s safari weddings marry luxury with the raw, untamed experience of living in the wild. You will have more than 40 national parks and game reserves to choose from for your destination wedding. If a safari wedding is not on your bucket list, Kenya also boasts of pristine white beaches in Mombasa that offer world-class luxury hotels and cuisine—all the elements needed to plan the perfect beach wedding. 

If you are considering any of these dream destinations for your special day, Bespoke Weddings Abroad will do all the work for you. From venue selection, coordination with suppliers, local transportation, catering and decoration, to gifts, guest assistance, sightseeing packages, legalities and paperwork, Bespoke Weddings Abroad takes care of it all thanks to its team of professional wedding planners. This means you and your guests can
just sit back and relax, and enjoy an occasion that is guaranteed to be memorable for all those who grace it with their presence.