1. Micro Weddings

Couples are choosing to have intimate destination weddings with fewer guests and more time to spend with them. Micro weddings are a great way for couples to celebrate their big day in an intimate setting with their closest friends and family. By keeping guest numbers to a minimum,

couples can enjoy more quality time with their guests, as well as spend less money on their wedding. They can also save on travel costs by choosing a destination wedding and still make their day special. Micro weddings allow couples to create a unique and personalised celebration with creative touches, like incorporating their favourite hobbies or personal touches. Couples can also use the extra time to enjoy their time together, while still being able to enjoy the day with their closest friends and family.

2. Eco-Friendly Weddings

Eco-friendly weddings are becoming increasingly popular as couples look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. This can include using compostable materials, sourcing local food, and even using renewable energy. Additionally, couples can opt for alternative transportation, such
as hiring bicycles or electric cars and can think about how to reduce waste, such as using cloth napkins and reusable tableware. Furthermore, couples can opt for second-hand items, such as decorations or even hire plants that can later be replanted. Finally, couples can consider giving eco-friendly gifts such as potted plants, homemade jams and other sustainably-sourced items.


3. Virtual Guests

With the rise of virtual events, couples are now inviting family and friends who can’t travel to join in the celebration using video conferencing. This way, they can virtually dance and toast with their loved ones and share the same experiences. Couples can also have a virtual guest book where guests can leave heartfelt messages and well wishes.


4. Personalised Experiences

Couples are creating unique experiences for themselves and their guests, such as beachside yoga classes, private boat charters and catered meals. They’re also opting for unique venues, such as historic barns, museums and private estates. Couples are also requesting custom touches like personalized cocktails, signature desserts and custom-made wedding favours.


5. Cultural Celebrations

Couples are celebrating their heritage by incorporating local cultural elements into their destination wedding. This can include traditional ceremonies, cuisine, and music. For example, a couple who is of Mexican heritage could include a mariachi band, tamales, and a lasso ceremony in their wedding. They are finding ways to honour their heritage throughout their wedding day. This can include including meaningful readings or poetry from their culture, asking a family member to perform a special ceremony or having a traditional blessing or prayer. This is a great way to ensure that the couple’s heritage is honoured and celebrated on their special day.