1. Choose your location carefully

Make sure to do your research when choosing your destination wedding location. Think about the climate, the culture, the venues, the laws and what kind of activities would be available to you and your guests.


2. Book early

Start planning and making reservations early. This will help you secure the best venues and vendors at the best prices and give your guests enough notice to attend the wedding.


3. Consider a wedding planner

A wedding planner can be invaluable for a destination wedding. They can help you plan and execute your wedding vision, as well as coordinate all the details so you can relax and enjoy your special day.


4. Consider your guests

When planning a destination wedding, make sure that your guests can afford to attend. If necessary, offer to cover some of the expenses for them.


5. Create a wedding website

Create a website to keep your guests informed on all the details of your wedding. Make sure to include things like travel information, hotel information and helpful information about the local area.


6. Provide activities

Plan activities to keep your guests entertained. Consider things like beach trips, boat tours, local markets or cooking classes.


7. Keep it simple

Destination weddings are all about all about what you and your partner love and enjoying the unique experience of the destination. Consider keeping your ceremony and reception simple and focusing on the details that you love.